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The Benefits of PowerChurch Plus

Posted on February 1st, 2018

Accounting for churches and other religious organizations can be a challenging process. As a result, it is important that clergy members look for the advantages that allow their financial personnel to accurately track their revenue and contributions and maintain compliance with their tax requirements. Churches in need of accounting solutions can find the answers they need with PowerChurch Plus®.

Complete Church Management Software

Accounting is difficult for any organization, and the challenges only increase regarding religious organization finances. Any mistakes made in clergy membership, allowance and gift tracking, expenses, and donations can cause long-term tax compliance problems unless addressed promptly.

With PowerChurch Plus, you can more efficiently manage your religious organization’s books. From nonprofit payroll to sermon attendance, all aspects of a church’s operation are tracked by PowerChurch. The programs run within the software are fueled by good accounting information, enabling accurate automatic processes that make bookkeeping an easier task. It also maintains member information needed to precisely update the information regarding current clergy membership and their allowances.

User Friendly Software

Another key advantage of PowerChurch Plus is its user-friendly set up. PowerChurch Plus is designed so pastors and clergy members of any bookkeeping experience can more effectively manage their revenue changes and financial statements.

Additionally, Alston & Company, CPAs, are able to help churches in their bookkeeping self-management by training our clients in the use of PowerChurch Plus. We help our clients set up their accounts if they are brand new to the software for maximum efficiency, and we help streamline and update the existing accounts as well. Then, we educate the clergy members responsible for bookkeeping on the best practices of the software, so the church can get the most success from the software.

Affordable and Supportive

PowerChurch Plus is also beneficial because its price points are designed for a not-for-profit entity. This software platform is affordable to purchase, costing significantly less than more business-focused accounting systems.  If there are any glitches that arise from its use, the makers of PowerChurch have a dedicated customer service department that can help you address these concerns; you will not have to go out of your way to hire an expert to fix technical errors.

Contact Us for Accounting Support

PowerChurch Plus training and advisement are only two of the many ways our company helps churches navigate their unique financial requirements. Alston & Company, CPAs, provides dedicated church accounting services in Freehold, Newark, New Brunswick, Trenton, and beyond. Our passion is to help religious organizations minimize the time they need to spend on their books, so they can maximize their efforts in serving their community.

For more information about our church accounting services, call Alston & Company, CPAs, today and schedule a consultation.

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